Today is Monday, November 19, 2018

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Crime History

1979 - Chuck Berry was released from Lompoc Prison, CA, after serving a sentence for income tax evasion.

2001 - Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) was arrested for fighting with his wife at a Hard Rock hotel.

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Disaster History

1977 - In Funchal, Island of Madeira, Portugal, 131 people died when a TAP Air Portugal flight landed 1,000 feet past the aiming point of the runway in heavy rain. The flight overran the runway and plunged off a cliff during its third landing attempt.

1984 - Almost 500 people died in a firestorm after a series of explosions at a Mexico City petroleum storage plant.

1999 - In Andhra Pradesh, India, a cyclone and tidal wave killed about 20,000 people.

1999 - Floods and mudslides killed thousands in Venezuela.

2002 - Off the coast of northern Spain, the oil tanker Prestige broke apart and sank spilling about 4 million gallons of oil.

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