Today is Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Crime History

1989 - James Richardson was released from a Florida prison after 21 years. He had been wrongly convicted of killing his seven children with poison. Betsy Reese, a neighbor, later confessed that she had killed the children.

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Disaster History

1980 - In Tenerife, Canary Islands, 146 people died when a Dan Air Services flight crashed into a mountain at 5,500 feet during a landing approach.

2005 - In Tokyo, Japan, at least 90 people were killed when a commuter train derailed and ran into an apartment building. At least 400 others were injured.

2015 - In Nepal, a 7.8 magnitude eartquake killed at least 8,800 people and injured 23,000. Also, 78 were killed in India, 25 in China and 4 in Bangladesh.

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