Today is Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Michael Jackson History

1983 - Michael Jackson's "Beat It" short film premiered on MTV.

1994 - Smith-Hemion Productions filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Jackson 5 for misrepresenting their ability to draw a crowd and therefore breached their contract.

2004 - It was announced that Michael Jackson was promoting the idea of staging a concert tour in Africa to help raise money to fight AIDS. At the time a California court still had possession of his passport due to child molestation charges against him in that state. Jackson met with the members of the Congressional Black Caucus and was present at a new conference announcing his potential involvement in a tour of Africa.

2004 - Janet Jackson performed her single "Just a Little While" on ABC's "Good Morning America".

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Michael Jackson Quote

Get me out
Into the night-time
Four walls won't hold me tonight
If this town
Is just an apple
Then let me take a bite
- Michael Jackson, Human Nature