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Michael Jackson History

1992 - Michael Jackson sued the "Daily Mirror" for libel and breach of contract. The publication had printed a less-than-flattering color photo of Jackson on the front page.

2004 - In Santa Maria, CA, a prosecutor said that Michael Jackson had imprisoned a child and his family at his ranch and forced them to make a videotape absolving him of molestation charges after a television documentary linked Jackson to an obsession with young boys. During the hearing the judge postponed the trial scheduled for September 13 and set a new date of January 31, 2005.

2009 - It was reported, annonymously, to the Associated Press that Michael Jackson's personal doctor administered a powerful anesthetic to help him sleep and authorities believed the drug killed the pop singer.

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Michael Jackson Quote

Get me out
Into the night-time
Four walls won't hold me tonight
If this town
Is just an apple
Then let me take a bite
- Michael Jackson, Human Nature