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1943 - George Harrison was born in Wavertree, Liverpool. In 1992, Harrison stated, "I only learned recently after all these years that the date and time of my own birth have always been off by one calendar day and about a half hour on the clock." His birth certificate indicates February 25.

1964 - The Beatles appeared for the 3rd time on "The Ed Sullivan Show." They appeared via tape.

1982 - John Lennon's "Double Fantasy" album was named Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

2002 - Paul McCartney dedicated an a cappella rendition of "Yesterday" to George Harrison during a tribute concert at Liverpool's Empire Theater.

Beatles Quotes

"Lots of people who complained about us receiving the MBE received theirs for heroism in the war-for killing people. We received ours for entertaining other people. I'd say we deserve ours more."
- John Lennon

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