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1971 - At the Charles Manson murder trial, the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" was played. At the scene of one of his gruesome murders, the words "helter skelter" were written on a mirror.

1976 - The Beatles turned down an offer of $30 million to play together again on the same stage. The offer was made by rock promoter Bill Sargent.

2010 - Ringo Starr's album "Y Not" was released on vinyl. It was released on CD on January 12, 2010.

2011 - It was confirmed that Paul McCartney would be performing at the Grammy's on February 12.

Beatles Quotes

"I've never really done anything to create what has happened. It creates itself. I'm here because it happened. But I didn't do anything to make it happen apart from saying 'Yes'"
- Ringo Starr

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