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1981 - President Reagan attended the second day of the 7th G7 Economic Summit at Montebello Quebec.

1982 - President Reagan met with CEOs of corporations and associations that suppported the Caribbean Basin Initiative. He also participated in the Caribbean Initiative Basin Coalition Summer Evening Gala.

1982 - President Reagan met with Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

1983 - President Reagan made statements to the press regarding the Nation's economic situation and the MX missile program.

1985 - President Reagan called Members of the Senate to discuss the Line Item Veto Bill.

1986 - President Reagan participated in a signing ceremony for Proclamation 5512 to commemorate Captive Nations Weeks, 1986.

1986 - President Reagan hosted a luncheon with members of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation.

1987 - President Reagan participated in a ceremony for "Take Pride in America" and handed out awards.

1987 - President Reagan met with Colonel Oleg Antonvich Gordiyevskiy. Gordiyevskiy was a KGB officer that had recently defected to England.

1989 - Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame. He was recognized for his role as George Armstrong Custer in "The Santa Fe Trail" (1940) and as host of TV’s "Death Valley Days" (1965-1966).

2003 - The USS Ronald Reagan made her maiden voyage.

Ronald Reagan Quotes

"No longer must government be allowed to ride roughshod, absorbing the people's wealth, usurping their rights, and crushing their spirit."
- President Reagan, November 11, 1982

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