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Ronald Reagan History

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1984 - President Reagan held a meeting with Netherland's Prime Minister Lubbers.

1984 - President Reagan appointed Ed Meese to succeed William Smith as Attorney General of the United States.

1986 - President Reagan and the First Lady watched the movie "The Color Purple."

1988 - President Reagan visited Constitution Hall and met with 3,000 executive appointees.

1988 - President Reagan awarded Mrs. W. Vincent (Brooke) Astor with a Citizen's Medal.

1989 - President Reagan pardoned George Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner was indicted on 14 criminal counts on April 5, 1974, then pleaded guilty to making illegal contributions to Nixon's re-election campaign and a felony charge of obstruction of justice on August 23.

Ronald Reagan Quotes

"They say that the United States has had its day in the sun, that our nation has passed its zenith. They expect you to tell your children that the American people no longer have the will to cope with their problems, that the future will be one of sacrifice and few opportunities. My fellow citizens, I utterly reject that view."
- Ronald Reagan in his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination for president on July 17, 1980.

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