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1901 - The American League debuted at the Chicago Cricket Club. Chicago defeated Cleveland 8-2.

1909 - "Home Run" Baker hit his first and only grand slam.

1945 - Albert B. "Happy" Chandler was unanimously elected baseball commissioner.

1951 - The Soviet Union officially applied to compete in the Olympics.

1956 - Rocky (Brockton Blockbuster) Marciano retired as the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world. He had 43 knockouts and 3 decisions to his credit.

1963 - Bob Cousy (Boston Celtics) retired.

1974 - Tampa Bay was awarded the NFL's 27th franchise.

1995 - Darryl Strawberry was sentenced to three years probation, six months of house confinement and a $350,000 fine. Strawberry had avoided prison for tax evasion.

1995 - Petr Nedved (Pittsburgh Penguins) scored the game-winning goal with only 45 seconds left remaining in the fourth overtime period between the Penguins and the Washington Capitals. The game was the third longest in NHL history.

1996 - The Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers combined for the most runs in 26 years. The Twins won with a final score of 24-11.

1997 - Patrick Roy (Colorado Avalanche) got his 89th career playoff win. He passed Billy Smith for the top spot. The game was also Roy's 10th playoff shutout.

2002 - The NHL suspended Kyle McLaren (Boston Bruins) for an elbow to the face of Richard Zednik (Montreal Canadiens).

2010 - The NHL implemented a new rule that allowed the NHL Hockey Operations Department to review any hit where the head was targeted and/or the principal point of contact for the purpose of Supplementary Discipline.

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