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1805 - The viceroy of Mexico was ordered to compile all pertinent data concerning the true boundary between Texas and Louisiana.

1857 - Camp Wood was established on the east bank of the Nueces River. The site is about 50 miles northwest of Fort Inge.

1893 - The second town of Amarillo was selected as the seat of Potter County.

1933 - The FBI's hunt for Bonnie and Clyde began when the United States Commissioner at Dallas, TX, issued a warrant against Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker for interstate transportion a stolen vehicle.

1978 - "The Buddy Holly Story" premiered in Lubbock, TX. The film had its world premier in Dallas on May 18.

2016 - The Texas Rangers announced they would leave Globe Life Park in Arlington for a new retratable-roof stadium built in Arlington. The new ballpark was approved by voters in November.

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