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Vietnam History

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1954 - South Vietnamese forces loyal to Ngo Dinh Nhu attacked Buddhists pagodas. Many were damaged and 1,400 Buddhists were arrested.

1965 - It was reported that MACV headquarters (Headquarters Military Assistance Command Vietnam) in Saigon that U.S. pilots had recieved approval to attack any Soviet-made missiles the observed during raids into North Vietnam.

1969 - U.S. President Richard Nixon met with South Korean President Park Chung Hee in San Francisco, CA.

1971 - Antiwar protestors associated with the Catholic Left raided draft offices in Buffalo, NY, and Camden, NJ. They confiscated and destroyed draft records. The FBI and local police arrested 25 protestors.

Vietnam Quotes

The Vietnam War required us to emphasize the national interest rather than abstract principles.
- Henry Kissinger, Wall Street Journal, March 11, 1985

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