Random Quotes

When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.
- Mae West

Wagner's music is better than it sounds.
- Mark Twain

Sports Quote

If I'm hitting, I can hit anyone. If not, my twelve-year-old son can get me out.
- Willie Stargell, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder

World War II Quote

"I've had my fill of Hitler. These conferences called by a ringing of a bell are not to my liking; the bell is rung when people call their servants. And besides, what kind of conferences are these? For five hours I am forced to listen to a monologue which is quite fruitless and boring."
Benito Mussolini - (To his son in law) - June 10, 1941

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U.S. President Quote

"In this world there are good causes and bad causes, and we may disagree on where that line is drawn, yet there is no such thing as a good terrorist. No national aspiration, no remembered wrong can ever justify the deliberate murder of the innocent. Any government that rejects this principle, trying to pick and choose its terrorist friends, will know its consequences."
- U.S. President George. W. Bush, United Nations General Assembly

Elvis Presley Quote

Man, I was tame compared to what they do now. Are you kidding? I didn't do anything but just jiggle.
- From the press conference prior to Elvis Presley's record-breaking Madison Square Garden shows in New York City, 1972.

Prince Quote

Open your heart, open your mind
A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time
And laughter is all U pay
- Prince, Around the World in a Day

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