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Texas History

1817 - Francisco Xavier Mina and his men arrived at the mouth of the Santander River. They had left Galveston on Apri 7 with the mission of driving the forces of Spanish king Ferdinand VII from Mexico. After minor victories Mina was captured and eventually executed at Fort San Gregorio.

1921 - In downtown Dallas, the Majestic Theatre opened.

1939 - Seito Saibara died. In 1903, he founded a Japanese colony of 30 families in Webster and started a successful rice farming industry.

2010 - In Irving, TX, Texas Stadium was imploded.

2015 - Jaime Benn (Dallas Stars) scored four points against the Nashville Predators to win the NHL's Art Ross Trophy with a season total of 87 points.

Texas Quote

I thought I knew Texas pretty well, but I had no notion of it's size until I campaigned it.
- Former Governor Ann Richards

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