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Texas History

1836 - A large force of Comanche warriors with Kiowa and Kichai allies attacked Fort Parker. The Comanches seized five captives, including Cynthia Ann Parker. Parker remained with the Comanche for about 25 years and was "rescued" on December 18, 1860.

1891 - Rice Institute, later known as Rice University, was chartered in Houston.

1910 - Near Charleston, TX, a 500-pound meteorite fell during the passage of Halley's Comet.

1912 - The Associated Advertising Clubs of America held its first convention in Dallas, TX.

Texas Quote

In the covered wagon days, if a baby was born in Texarkana while the family was crossing into the Lone Star State, by the time they reached El Paso, the baby would be in the third grade.
- Wallace O. Chariton

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