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Texas History

1830 - In Stephen F. Austin's colony, Seth Ingram shot and killed John G. Holtham in San Felipe de Austin. The incident began with Holtham intruding onto Ira Ingram's yard and later the defamtion of Ira by Holtham. Seth Ingram and a bystander, Hosea H. League, were arrested and confined for 16 months. During that time they were chained to the walls of the half-completed meeting house of the San Felipe auyntamiento. Both men were later eventually acquitted and released.

1838 - Near the site present day Denison, Holland Coffee enacted a treaty between the Republic of Texas and the Kichai, Tawakoni, Waco and Tawehash Indians. Coffee was an Indian agent appointed by President Sam Houston.

1840 - Gunfighter Clay Allison was born in Tennessee. He was known was known as the "Wolf of the Washita" and was known for his unusual antics. Allison owned ranch property in Hemphill County and in Pecos.

1863 - Major Santos Benavides caught up to Octaviano Zapata near Mier, Tamaulipas. After a brief gunfight Zapata and 9 others were dead and all other Zapatistas dispersed. Benavides had led 79 men in the Thirty-third Texas Cavalry across the Rio Grande in pursuit of Zapata on September 1.

1926 - Between September 2 and September 15, more than 600 people died due to a hurricane that hit the Florida Keys, Louisianna and Texas. Most of the deaths were people that were on ships that were lost at sea.

1934 - Grady Nutt, the preacher from the hit TV show "Hee Haw", was born in Amarillo. He was known as the "Prime Minister of Humor."

1945 - U.S. Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz signed the treaty with Japan that ended World War II. Nimitz was born in 1885 in Fredericksburg, Texas.

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