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Texas History

1904 - On Pine Bayou in southwestern Hardin County, the Batson-Old oilfield reached its highest daily production when it yeilded more than 150,000 barrels of crude.

1933 - John Nance Garner of Texas left his position as speaker of the House to become vice president of the United States.

1950 - Rick Perry was born in Paint Creek, Texas. He later became 47th governor of Texas.

1974 - Charles David Tandy sold Leonard Brothers to Dillards. The first Leonard Brothers store was opened in Fort Worth on December 14, 1918.

1987 - The Journal of Texas Catholic History and Culture came into being when the president of the society, Patrick Foley, urged the membership to establish the publication.

Texas Quote

Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called "walking." - George W. Bush

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