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Wyoming History

1846 - U.S. President Polk approved the act that provided for a line of military posts along the Oregon Trail.

1866 - Colonel Carrington left Fort Kearny for Fort Laramie. While at Fort Laramie he received instructions from General Pope to name two new outpost along Bozeman Road Fort Philip Kearny and Fort C.F. Smith.

1869 - The Wyoming Territory government was formally in effect. The same day the justices of territorial Supreme Court took the oath of office.

1887 - The Sheridan Post was founded. It became the Sheridan Press in 1930.

1915 - Dr. Amos Walker Barber died. He was an American surgeon that became the second Governor of Wyoming after the state joined the Union in 1890.

1996 - A magnitude 4.2 earthquake occurred about 22 miles from the center of Casper, WY.

Wyoming Quote

"Every woman of the age of eighteen years residing in this territory, may, at every election cast her vote; and her right to the elective franchise and to hold office under the election laws of the territory shall be the same of electors."

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