Today is Friday, February 23, 2018

Today in
Television History

1985 - The TV show "Gimme a Break" was broadcast live before a studio audience. It was the first TV sitcom to be seen live since the 1950s.

1987 - The Perry Mason TV movie "The Case of the Lost Love" aired.

1997 - NBC-TV aired "Schindler's List." It was completely uncensored.

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Today in
American Bandstand History

1960 - Bobby Comstock & the Counts performed "Jambalaya" on "American Bandstand."

1985 - Animotion performed "Obsession" and "Let Him Go" on "American Bandstand."

1985 - The Sylvers performed "Falling For Your Love" on "American Bandstand."

Television Quotes

"I just want to say to the kids out there watching: You can do anything you want in life. Unless Jay Leno wants to do it too."
- Conan OBrien

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