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U.S. Civil War History

1856 - Abolitionist John Brown and his sons attacked three cabins along Pottawatomie Creek. They killed five men. The attack was Brown's revenge for an attack on Lawrence, Kansas, on May 21.

1861 - John Merryman, a vocal secessionist, was arrested in Cockeysville, Maryland. He appealed for his release under a writ of habeas corpus. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln had suspended the writ of habeas corpus between Washington and Philadelphia on April 27. The move was made to give the military the necessary power to silence dissenters and rebels.

1862 - Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson won the first battle of Winchester, Virginia.

1863 - Clement Vallandigham was banished to the confederacy. Vallandigham had been found guilty by a military tribunal of violating General Ambrose Burnside's Order No. 38. The order stated that public criticism of the war would not be tolerated.

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U.S. Civil War Quotes

"Look at Jackson's brigade! It stands there like a stone wall!"
- Confederate General Barnard E. Bee of South Carolina gave this description of Stonewall Jackson's brigade at First Manassas