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U.S. Civil War History

1861 - Upon the outbreak of the Civil War threats were made against the safety of the USS Constitution. On April 26, the ship began a three-day trip to New York, towed by the steam gunboat R.R. Cuyler.

1863 - Union Colonel Abel Streight began a raid into northern Alabama and Georgia with the goal of cutting off railroad traffic between Chattanooga and Atlanta. Streight surrendered on May 3 to a force 1/2 the size of his own.

1865 - The steamboat Sultana left New Orleans. The craft exploded on April 27 killing about 1,700 people.

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U.S. Civil War Quotes

"Be it remembered that on the fourth day of February, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, and in the Capitol of the State of Alabama, in the city of Montgomery, at the hour of noon, there assembled certain deputies and delegates from the several independent South State of North America..."
- From the official record when the Provisional Confederate Congerss convened on February 4, 1861.