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World War II History

1943 - Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie were executed as "political traitors" by the Nazi regime. They had been arrested on February 18, 1943 after being seen leaving a suitcase full of leaflets criticizing the Nazis. The two were the leaders of the German youth group Weisse Rose (White Rose).

1945 - Turkey declared war on Germany and Japan.

1945 - Joe Rosenthal took took a picture of six United States World War II servicemen raising an American flag on Mount Suribachin over Iwo Jima. The photo later became the model for the Iwo Jima Memorial (officially known as the Marine Corps War Memorial) near Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The memorial, dedicated in 1954, commemorates the U.S. Marines that died taking the Pacific island in World War II.

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Random World War II Quote

"Never in history has the navy landed an army at the planned time and place. But if you land us anywhere within 50 miles of Fedela and within 1 week of D-Day. I'll go ahead and win."
Major General George Patton - November 1942 (Commenting of the North Africa Landings)