This page contains the code for History content.

The samples below show the format the content is shown in.

We have other colors and sizes available here. These will only contain misc. history events unless clearly noted.

The codes are essentially the same for all topics. The file name is the only thing that will change.

Some topics will have content that will exceed the provided those instances a scroll bar will be available.
The bottom section may contain an advertisement of our choice. All links will be of respectable content.
The border below will not show when you insert our code into your site. It is used here to show the size of the content area.

This code will randomly generate content from the following topics in a 340x125 area: Misc. History, Sports History, Television History and U.S. President History

Copy this code into your website.
Use the information below to replace the NAME with the appropriate information.

For the following history topics you will need to paste the code above into your webpage. Then you will need to change the NAME part of the file name.

Music Topics:
American Bandstand:
  • ab-500x500

  • beatles-500x500

    Elvis Presley:
  • elvis-500x500

  • prince-500x500

    Michael Jackson:
  • mjackson-500x500

  • Misc. Topics
  • sports-500x500

  • tv-500x500

    Misc. History:
  • misc-500x500

    U.S. Civil War:
  • uscivilwar-500x500

    U.S. Presidents:
  • uspresidents-500x500

    World War II:
  • wwii-500x500

  • This is an alternate version with multiple topics.

    The copy the code below into your web site's html code. That's it!

    For other options visit this link.