Music History for

April 27


1767 - Composer Andreas Jacob Romberg was born.

1891 - Composer Sergei Prokofiev was born.

1938 - Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra recorded "I Hadnít Anyone ítil You" with Jack Leonard as vocalist.

1957 - Ricky Nelson's first record, "Teenager's Romance," was released.

1959 - Llyod Price's "Personality" was released.

1964 - John Lennon's "In His Own Write", a collection of funny poems and drawings, was published in the U.S.

1969 - Glen Campbell and Dionne Warwick were guests on Jose Feliciano's TV special.

1973 - Opryland opened in Nashville, TN.

1976 - David Bowie was detained on a train trip from Russia to Poland because he had nazi books. The books were for research on a project.

1980 - Studio 54 in New York shut down on the third anniversary of its opening.

1981 - Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach were married in London.
Today in Beatles History

1981 - Wings broke up with the departure of Denny Laine.

1987 - R.E.M.'s "Dead Letter Office" was released in the U.K.

1990 - Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses) married Erin Everly. The marriage lasted for 27 days.

1991 - Bonnie Raitt and Michael O'Keefe were married.

1994 - The Fillmore club reopened in San Francisco.

2001 - A&E aired "Live By Request" in which the BeeGees performed many of their hit songs.

2005 - U.S. President George Bush signed a law that allowed for up to three years in prison for anyone that pirated music or films on the Internet.

2006 - In Fiji, Keith Richards (Rolling Stones was admitted to a hospital after he reportedly suffered a head injury when he fell out of a palm tree.