Music History for

February 16


1709 - Composer Charles Avison was born.

1942 - Shep Fields and his orchestra recorded "Jersey Bounce."

1964 - The Beatles performed for the second time on "The Ed Sullivan Show." They had made their first appearance on the show only a week before.
Today in Beatles History

1968 - In Detroit, MI, Aretha Franklin day was declared.

1971 - Aretha Franklin recorded "Spanish Harlem." It was released on July 9.

1971 - Alan David Pasaro sued the Rolling Stones charging them with invasion of privacy. The charge stemmed from the footage of a stabbing in the film "Gimme Shelter." Pasaro was tried and acquitted for the stabbing death.

1972 - Ricky Nelson began his first British tour.

1975 - Cher's weekly TV show premiered with guests Tatum O'Neal, Raquel Welch and Wayne Rogers.

1984 - Jerry Lee Lewis surrendered to federal authorities to answer income tax evasion charges. He was later acquitted.

1988 - Billy Vera received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

1990 - Ike Turner was sentenced to 4 years in prison on cocaine charges.

1993 - At the Brit Awards a Faces reunion took place.

1998 - At the Brit Awards, Danbert Nobacon of Chumbawamba dumped a bucket of ice water on the U.K.'s Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

1999 - "Rolling Stones Day" was declared in Minnesota.

1999 - Rap star Ol' Dirty Bastard was arrested in Hollywood for allegedly wearing body armor, a forbidden garment because of his previous arrests. ODB was initially pulled over for driving eratically.

2007 - Britney Spears shaved her head.

2009 - Trent Reznor announced that the Nine Inch Nails 2009 tour would be the last "for a while." On May 5, 2009, Reznor said in an interview that this would be the last tour for at least several years.