Music History for

February 28


1876 - Composer John Alden Carpenter was born.

1877 - Composer Sergei Bortkiewicz was born.

1930 - Ted Lewis and his orchestra recorded "On the Sunny Side of the Street."

1959 - "Cash Box" magazine began using a red 'bullet' on its record charts to indicate the records that have the strongest upward movement each week.

1968 - Frankie Lymon died of a heroin overdose.

1970 - In Denmark, Led Zeppelin performed under the name Nobs after the family of Ferdinand von Zeppelin threatened a lawsuit.

1974 - Bobby Bloom shot himself to death at the age of 28.

1977 - Ray Charles was attacked by an audience member onstage.

1984 - Michael Jackson won eight Grammy awards. Seven were connected to the album "Thriller." The eighth was for his non-musical narration on "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."
Today in Michael Jackson History

1991 - The Record Plant in Hollywood closed.

1991 - In Los Angeles, "Curtis Mayfield Day" was held.

1996 - The original members of Kiss appeared at the Grammy Awards. It was the first time in 17 years that the band had appeared in full make-up and costumes.

2000 - Songwriter Stan Penridge sued the members of Kiss, the band's publishing company, and Universal Music Group. Penridge charged that he had been shortchanged millions in publishing royalties for the song "Beth."

2000 - In a Los Angeles Superior Court, Celine Dion filed a suit against the "National Enquirer." The papers claimed an "intentional infliction of emotion distress, invasion of privacy, and unfair business practices." The headline that brought the suit was "Celine: I'm Pregnant With Twins."