Music History for

July 18


1670 - Composer Giovanni Bononcini was born.

1953 - Elvis Presley recorded "My Happiness" as a gift for his mother. It was his first recording.
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1960 - Hank Ballard and the Midnighters released "The Twist." The song didn't become a hit until later in the year when Chubby Checker covered it.

1960 - Elvis Presley's "It's Now Or Never" was released.

1968 - The Grateful Dead released their 2nd album, "Anthem of the Sun."

1970 - Pink Floyd and Deep Purple played a free concert at London's Hyde Park.
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1974 - The U.S. Justice Department ordered John Lennon out of the country by September 10. The Immigration and Naturalization Service denied him an extension of his non-immigrant visa because of his guilty plea in England to a 1968 marijuana possession charge.
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1984 - Prince's 7" single "Let's Go Crazy"/"Erotic City" was released in the U.S.

1988 -The Beach Boys single "Kokomo" was released.

1988 - A California appeals court upheld a lower courts' decision to dismiss a case against Ozzy Osbourne and CBS Records. In 1984 a teenager allegedly killed himself after listening to Ozzy's "Suicide Solution."
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1992 - Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were married.

1995 - The oldest known musical instrument in the world was found in the Indrijca River Valley in Slovenia. The 45,000 year-old relic was a bear bone with four artificial holes along its length.

1995 - Selena's "Dreaming of You" was posthumously released.

2000 - Metallica played at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA. The crowd was 1,000 contest winners of the "Blind Date" competition organized by Miller Genuine Draft.
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2001 - MTV premiered the original movie "Hysteria - The Def Leppard Story."
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2005 - The iTunes Music Store reached 500 million songs sold.

2006 - Carmen Electra filed for a divorce from Dave Navarro (Red Hot Chili Peppers).