Music History for

July 23


1796 - Composer Franz Adolf Berwald was born.

1866 - Composer Francesco Cilea was born.

1941 - "Memories of You" was recorded by Sonny Dunham and his orchestra.

1950 - "The Gene Autry Show" premiered on CBS-TV.

1977 - Foreigner's "Cold As Ice" was released.

1977 - In Oakland, CA, Judas Priest opened for Led Zeppelin for the first time.

1980 - Keith Godchaux (Grateful Dead) died of injuries that he sustained in a car accident in Marin County, CA.

1990 - Production began on the film, "Falling From Grace." The film marked John Mellencamp's acting and directing debut.

1993 - A gunman fired into the New York club Danceteria. Eric Tallman (Erotic Exotic) was injured when the bullet grazed his skull.

1998 - It was announced that Iron Maiden would have to cancel the a month of its U.S. tour. The doctor of Blaze Bayley advised him to not sing for one month.