Music History for

May 10


1697 - Composer Jean Marie I'aine Leclair was born.

1940 - Jimmy Dorsey and his orchestra recorded "Perfidia."

1964 - Dusty Springfield made her U.S. television debut on the "Ed Sullivan Show."

1968 - Jim Morrison (Doors) incited a riot during a Chicago concert.

1969 - The Turtles and the Temptations played the White House upon the request of Tricia Nixon. Mark Volman fell off the stage 5 times.

1974 - Eric Clapton recorded "I Shot the Sheriff."

1975 - Stevie Wonder and his band Wonderlove played for 125,000 people at the Washington Monument as part of Human Kindness Day.

1983 - Metallica began recording the album "Kill 'Em All" in New York. They finished on May 27, 1983.

1985 - The Go-Go's announced their breakup.

1986 - Tommy Lee (>Motley Crue) and Heather Locklear were married.

1988 - In the U.K.,Prince's 10th album was released entitled "Lovesexy." Some stores refused to sell the album due to the nude portrait that was on the cover.

1991 - Bushwick Bill (Geto Boys) lost his right eye after being shot by his girlfriend.

1994 - Tupac Shakur began serving a 15-day county jail term for attacking director Allen Hughes on a video set.

1997 - Barbara Mandrell launched her "Country Sentiments" line of jewelry on the QVC cable TV channel.

2003 - Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) was given an honorary doctorate degree in music by the Berklee College of Music.

2005 - The iTunes Music Store reached 400 million songs sold.

2005 - The iTunes Music Store opened for Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark.