Music History for

May 17


1866 - Composer Erik Alfred-Leslie Satie was born.

1923 - Composer Peter Mennin was born.

1933 - Jimmie Rodgers began recording a series of 24 songs. He died nine days later at the age of 35.

1958 - "Jerry Lee Lewis Day" was held in his hometown of Farriday, LA.

1963 - Jan & Dean's "Surf City" was released.

1963 - Joan Baez headlined the first Monterey Folk Festival in California.

1967 - "Don't Look Back", a documentary on Bob Dylan's 1965 British tour, premiered in San Francisco, CA.

1969 - The Who released the album "Tommy" in the U.S.

1971 - The musical "Godspell" opened in New York City and ran for 2,124 performances.

1975 - Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) put his hand through a window at Gorman's restaurant on Long Island.

1978 - The movie "Thank God It's Friday" premiered in Los Angeles.

1980 - Peter Criss left KISS to pursue a solo career.

1993 - Barry Manilow appeared on the CBS-TV's "Murphy Brown."

1995 - Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Fats Domino appeared together for the first time in Sheffield, London.

1999 - No Doubt sued the clothing manufacturer No Fear with the claim that the companies clothing items that had the "No Doubt" name on them infringe on the bands copyrighted service mark.

2000 - The Eagles filed suit against the "Hotel California" restaurant in Dallas, TX, alleging trademark violations.

2012 - Lisa Marie Presley performed her song "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" on American Idol's results show.