Music History for

May 27


1822 - Composer Josef Joachim Raff was born.

1950 - Frank Sinatra made his TV debut on NBC's "Star-Spangled Review."

1957 - "That'll be the Day" b/w "I'm Looking For Someone To Love" by the Crickets was released.

1961 - Johnny Cash appeared on NBC's "The Deputy."

1963 - Bob Dylan released album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan."

1964 - Eleven boys were suspended at a Coventry, England, school for having a hair style like Mick Jagger.

1967 - Columbia and RCA Victor announced that they would raise the list price of mono albums by a dollar on June 1. It was the first increase since 1953.

1983 - Metallica finished recording the album "Kill 'Em All."
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1987 - During a show in Rome's Flaminio Stadio, U2's sound system set off earthquake alarms in two neighborhoods.
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1988 - Van Halen's "Monster Of Rock" touring festival opened at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin.
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1989 - Stevie Wonder was given the Badge Of Solidarity from the Polish Labor Movement in Warsaw.

2003 - Liza Minelli sang an a cappella version of "Liza With a Z" with Luciano Pavarotti live via satellite for a charity show on Italian television. She had been hospitalized two days early after falling and breaking her right kneecap.