Music History for

November 6


1753 - Composer Jean-Baptiste Sebastien Breval was born.

1814 - Adolphe (Antoine) Sax, the inventor of the saxophone and saxotromba, was born.

1854 - Composer John Philip Sousa was born.

1916 - Musician/orchestra director Ray Conniff was born.

1965 - The Rolling Stones, Strangeloves and Fontella Bass appeared on "Shindig!"

1967 - The Monkees album "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd." was released.

1973 - Singer Gram Parsons' manager Phil Kaufman and Michael Martin were fined for stealing Parsons' coffin from the Los Angeles International Airport. Kaufman claimed that it was Parson's wish to be cremated and burned the coffin, with Parson's body inside, at Cap Rock in California.

1975 - The Sex Pistols made their live debut at St. Martin's College of Art in London.

2001 - Britney Spears' album "Britney" was released in the U.S., Canada and Japan.

1995 - Queen released the album "Made in Heaven." It was the last album to feature the band's original lineup and the first to be released after Freddie Mercury's death. Mercury died November 24, 1991 of AIDS.

2001 - Metallica's "Classic Albums" was released on VHS and DVD in the U.S.