Music History for

September 10


1585 - Composer Ercole Porta was born.

1588 - Composer Nicholas Lanier was born.

1779 - Composer Louis Alexandre Piccinni was born.

1823 - Composer Adolf von Doss was born.

1836 - Composer Karl Merz was born.

1866 - Composer Tor Bernhard Vilhelm Aulin was born.

1869 - Composer Caro Roma was born.

1956 - Record stores were swamped with requests for Elvis' "Love Me Tender" which had not been released yet.

1964 - Rod Stewart recorded his first single "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl."

1966 - The Rolling Stones appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

1966 - "The Last Train to Clarksville" was released by the Monkees.

1973 - BBC Radio banned the song "Star Star" by the Rolling Stones.

1974 - The original New York Dolls split up.

1975 - "Alive!" was released by KISS. The album contained live performances from KISS' first three albums.

1979 - Pattie Smith announced that she was performing her last show in front of 85,000 people in Florence, Italy. She returned to performing a decade later.

1979 - The Who made their first U.S. concert appearance without Keith Moon. Kenny Jones replaced him on drums.

1980 - "She's So Cold" by the Rolling Stones was released.

1980 - The song "Uptown" was released by Prince.
Today in Prince History

1980 - Peter Comita replaced Tom Peterson in Cheap Trick.

1990 - Will Smith made his debut in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

1990 - The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, NV, opened.

1991 - The Garth Brooks album "Ropin' the Wind" was released.

1992 - Howard Stern appeared as Fartman on the MTV Video Music Awards.

1995 - Cyndi Lauper won an Emmy for her guest appearance on "Mad About You."

1996 - Walmart banned Sheryl Crow's 2nd album because of the song "Love is A Good Thing."

1998 - Gary Glitter appeared in court on child pornography charges.