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Michael Jackson History

1982 - Janet Jackson appeared on "Soul Train."

1989 - Michael Jackson's single "Thriller" was certified Gold and Platinum.

1995 - Michael Jackson appeared with legendary mime Marcel Marceau at New York news conference promoting a Jackson special airing on HBO.

1999 - Michael Jackson's interview with TV Guide was released.

2002 - Michael Jackson appeared in court fifth day concerning Jackson not performing at two millennium concerts planned for December 31, 1999. Jackson was using a crutch and claimed his foot was swolen from a spider bite.

2004 - Police went to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and asked him to submit a DNA sample. The sample was requested in connection to the child-molestation case against Jackson. The previous day police had raided the property a second time in search of evidence in the same case.

2010 - A single glove worn by Michael Jackson on his Bad tour sold for $330,000 at auction. A jacket that Jackson wore sold for $96,000 and a fedora for $72,000.

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Michael Jackson Quote

I took my baby to the doctor
With a fever, but nothing he found
By the time this hit the street
They said she had a breakdown
- Michael Jackson, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

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