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1965 - The Beatles played in their hometown of Liverpool for the last time.

1967 - In London,the Beatles' launch party for their Apple Boutique took place. The store opened on December 7.

1969 - Ringo Starr and his family moved from Surrey, England to Roundhill (in London).

1973 - The Paul McCartney and Wings album "Band on the Run" was released.

1980 - John Lennon gave his final "Rolling Stone" interview to Jonathan Cott. On the same day, Mark David Chapman left Honolulu to fly to New York City. Three days later Chapman killed John Lennon.

Beatles Quotes

"I remember seeing entire studios being torn apart and put back together again because of a drum sound that the Beatles would get that the American studios just couldn't get. What they did, everything they did, became state of the art."
- Tommy James

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