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1982 - President Reagan and the First Lady hosted a private dinner for British Ambassador to the U.S. Nicholas Henderson.

1984 - President Reagan delivered a speech at the Reagan-Bush Family Festival Rally.

1984 - In Atlanta, GA, President Reagan addressed a meeting of Southern Republican Leadership.

1988 - President Reagan met with the Great American Legion Boys Nation.

1988 - President Reagan participated in a Signing Ceremony for the Canada Free Trade Agreement.

Ronald Reagan Quotes

"What our administration and our party seek is the day when the tragic side of the black legacy in America can be laid to rest once and for all, and the long, perilous voyage toward freedom, dignity, and opportunity can be completed - a day when every child born in America will live free not only of political injustice but of fear, ignorance, prejudice, and dependency."
- President Ronald Reagan, September 15, 1982

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