Friday, July 1, 2022

Today in
Prince History

1986 - Prince's movie "Under The Cherry Moon" premiered in Sheridan, WY. Prince performed a 45-minute show after the movie.

1998 - Prince did a short interview with Kevin Newman on ABC-TV's "Good Morning America." The appearance was to promote the album "Newpower Soul."

2016 - Several Prince items were sold at auction by Profiles in History.
- White ruffled shirt from Purple Rain for $100,000
- Black and white jacket from Purple Rain for $96,000
- Knee-length boots from the Lovesexy tour for $8,320
- White ruffled shirt from Purple Rain tour for $32,000

Random Prince Quote

I think it was inevitable. Record companies have been stealing for a long time - you reap what you sow.
- Prince, when asked "how do you feel about Napster?"

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