Random Quotes

The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore, be regarded as a criminal offense.
- Edsgar Dijkstra

What do you take me for, an idiot?
General Charles de Gaulle, when a journalist asked him if he was happy.

Sports Quote

The country is full of good coaches. What it takes to win is a bunch of interested players.
- Don Coryell, ex-San Diego Chargers Coach

World War II Quote

"God grant that this is the work of the Communists. You are witnessing the beginning of a great new epoch in German history. This fire is the beginning."
- German Chancellor Adolf Hitler while speaking to a foreign correspondent as the Reichstag burned, 1933.

U.S. President Quote

"If this bill were presented to me, I would veto it. America's all-volunteer military is the best in the world, and reinstating the draft would be bad policy. (October 7, 2004)"
- U.S. President George W. Bush commending the U.S. House of Representatives for rejecting a "Reinstate the Draft" bill.

Elvis Presley Quote

People don't realize what they had till it's gone. Like President Kennedy - nobody like him. Like The Beatles, there will never be anything like them. Like my man, Elvis Presley - I was the Elvis of boxing.
- Muhammad Ali

Prince Quote

I don't care if we spend the night at your mansion
I don't care if we spend the night on the town
All I want is 2 spend the night 2gether
All I want is 2 spend the night in your arms
- Prince, Take Me With U

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