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Texas History

1834 - The first Baptist church meeting in Texas took place at Daniel Parker's home in present Anderson County.

1839 - The Republic of Texas Congress adopted the Texas coat of arms, a white star with five points on an azure ground encircled by olive and live oak branches. In 1845 the designation was altered from Republic of Texas to State of Texas.

1934 - The Daughters of the American Revolution donated The O. Henry Museum to the city of Austin. Originally it was the home of writer William Porter (O. Henry).

1946 - Northeast of Huntsville, a German prisoner of war camp was deactivated.

1954 - The Fort Worth Museum opened its facility on Montgomery Street.

2002 - Ken Hitchcock was fired as head coach of the Dallas Stars. He had a record of 277-160-60-6, five straight division titles and two Stanley Cup finals appearances. His post season record was 47-33.

2010 - In Arlington, TX, the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame had its grand opening.

Texas Quote

Much blood has been shed; but the battle is over: it was but a small affair.
- Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna after the fall of the Alamo

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