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Texas History

1836 - General Antonio López de Santa Anna and Texas provisional president David Burnett signed two Treaties of Velasco ending the Texas Revolution. However, Mexico did not recognize Texas' independence and Texas' boundary was not determined until the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in 1848 at the end of the Mexican War.

1839 - Manuel Flores and his band killed four members of a party of surveyors between Seguin and San Antonio. On May 17, Texas Ranges caught up with the group and routed them.

1854 - Texas Germans at the annual Staats-Saengerfest (State Singers' Festival) declared slavery to be evil. (May 14-15)

1888 - In Austin, a week-long celebration dedicating the Capitol building began. The building was not officially accepted by the Capitol Board until December 6.

1984 - President Reagan met with Mexican American business and civic leaders from the border area of Texas to discuss trade and investment.

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There is no place quite like Abbott. That is where my dreams began, and I go back there to begin dreaming again, like a child...
- Willie Nelson

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