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Today in Wyoming Daily History

Wyoming Flag

1892 - The New York Times reported on the Johnson County War in Wyoming. The story included "The evidence is said to implicate more than twenty prominent stockmen of Cheyenne whose names have not been mentioned heretofore, also several wealthy stockmen of Omaha, as well as to compromise men high in authority in the State of Wyoming. They will all be charged with aiding and abetting the invasion, and warrants will be issued for the arrest of all of them."

1960 - One person was killed when a category 3 tornado occurred about 11 miles away from the center of Cheyenne, WY.

1990 - The Murie Residence near Moose, WY, was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Wyoming Quote

"I have the honor to inform the Council that I have approved "An act to grant to the Women of Wyoming Territory the right of Suffrage and to hold office."
- Decmeber 10, 1869, J. A. Campbell, Governor of Wyoming

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