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Wyoming History

1863 - General Connor sent a telegram to General Halleck after a Ute Indian attack at Sweetwater, Wyoming. The telegram stated: "Unless immediately reinforced with cavalry, the Indians, urged on by the Mormons, will break up the Overland Mail and make the emigrant road impassable."

1892 - The 6th Cavalry left Fort McKinney and went to TA Ranch where they took the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) into custody. (Johnson County War)

1917 - Governor Houx appointed the Wyoming Council for National Defense a week after the U.S. Congress passed a declaration of war.

Wyoming Quote

"I have the honor to inform the Council that I have approved "An act to grant to the Women of Wyoming Territory the right of Suffrage and to hold office."
- Decmeber 10, 1869, J. A. Campbell, Governor of Wyoming

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