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Vietnam War History

1965 - At the Bien Hoa air base, a series of explosions killed 27 U.S. servicemen, 4 South Vietnamese and injured 95 Americans. The U.S. government described the event as "an accidental explosion of a bomb on one aircraft which spread to others." More than 40 U.S. and South Vietnamese planes were destroyed.

1968 - Donald E. Ballard, Corpsman U.S. Navy from Kansas City, MO, dove on a grenade to protect other soldiers. The grenade did not explode. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his selfless act of courage.

1972 - U.S. airstrikes destroyed North Vietnam's main fuel line to South Vietnam as part of Operation Linebacker.

Vietnam War Quote

There is a simple prescription for peace--leave your neighbors alone."
Secretary of State Dean Rusk, May 22, 1964

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