On-This-Day Content Feeds

We are currently offering a content feed that displays our daily history content on your website. Each day the content will change to show the history of the current day.

The version in this section can be provided in diffferent sizes and colors.
Click here to see a sample.

Our plans are:
Free Content Feed (With Advertising):
- The content may contain multiple advertising links to our site and possibly other sites. All links will be of respectable content.

Content With No Advertisements
- Small monthly fee (can be paid annually at a discounted price)
- With paid accounts we will help, as much as possible, to set up files that will work easier with your format.
- The only links within the script will be links to our site so that the visitor knows who is providing the information.
- For our current rates contact us.

- The code we provide requires a javascript enabled browser.
- Most newer browsers should have no problem displaying the results.